Welcome Back Spring ^_^

You’ve been greatly missed ❤



Beautiful Sunset

Working on the computer this evening when I looked out my window to see the colors of the sunset tonight.  It was so beautiful after such a rainy and grey day that I just had to share. ^_^  I hope you all enjoy it as well. 🙂

It’s Done ^_^

It’s done! ^_^ This is an old shelf I found at a thrift store. I cleaned it up, gave it a fresh (and brighter lol) paint job, then got some help hanging it up on the wall. 🙂 Will be working on moving more crafts (like sewing supplies and other small things) up onto the shelf. So far it holds two very special paintings and a handcrafted angel from an old friend whom I miss greatly. It is also the new home of my paint supplies. I like them up there. All neat and within reach (of me, not the kids. I got help hanging this shelf high. lol). Sitting on the wall that will be adjacent to my new desk. Quietly reminding me of my love of creating and to not stay away so long this time.
Took me longer than things like this used to, and I suffered a few injuries during the process, but that’s what pain meds and patience is for right? 😉 lol It felt so good to be creative again. ❤
Shelf Project
Shelf project finished

New Project

Birthday present to myself.  I’m crafting again. ^_^  I found this old shelf at my favorite thrift shop and was able to get it for just $5.  Cleaned it up, dug out my paints, and am now in the process of giving it a fresh paint job (with brighter colors of course 😉 lol).  Can’t wait until I am finished and can share the final product with you all. ^_^


Reigniting an Old Love

DSCF2802_tagged_brighterRecently I have been getting a bit more serious about my artwork again and have been making some new pieces.  I have been slowly trying to get back into it over the last year, but have hit a point here in the last few days where I am actually doing well in the area of drawing. 🙂  That’s normally a very weak skill area for me so I am pretty excited to be doing well and drawing as much as my fingers and time will allow.  Sometimes, things like this don’t last long for me so I like to do as much as I can while the opportunity is there.  I go through creative spurts and it seems my skills temporarily increase where needed when I do so. 🙂  Now if I could just figure out how to keep the skill intact for the long haul… lol

Here are some of my latest pieces.  The one pictured above will be going in our annual art show through DogForDavid, and below is one that I entered in a t-shirt design contest for an EDS organization and some logo work I was working on for our homeschool.  I also included some of my older works from other times inspiration (and skill) struck. 🙂  I do a lot more than just drawing, but I will save that for another post at a later time. 😉

Cindi's Final Design_tagged