New Year, New Start

Wow, so much has happened since I last let my fingers run free on the keyboard for this blog.  There have been both struggles and joys, trials and triumphs.  It has definitely been chaotic, but still good overall.  I let my writing take a back seat during all this and I have found that I miss it so I am back.  My goal is to pick back up my writing and to try and share something new everyday on at least one of my blogs.  Health may interfere with that goal but I am going to still do my best to reach it.

For the latest on my boys, check out my post on our sister blog here.  That is where I will most likely post updates on them, especially if it involves updates that reference their Autism.  There may be a few (or more) posts of them on here though; time will tell. 🙂

Since my faith is such a huge part of me and my life, one of the things I am going to be starting too is sharing some of my thoughts and lessons from my devotions time.  That may or may not be everyday, as sometimes it’s a bit too personal for me to write out.  The family devotion I shared with my kids today turned into a personal devotion as I continued to dig deeper.  I found it to be especially fitting and encouraging with all that has happened in the last year both personally and in the lives of those around me.  My hope is that sharing today’s devotion (found here) will help us all step forward into this new year with refreshed strength and hope. ❤


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