It’s Done ^_^

It’s done! ^_^ This is an old shelf I found at a thrift store. I cleaned it up, gave it a fresh (and brighter lol) paint job, then got some help hanging it up on the wall. 🙂 Will be working on moving more crafts (like sewing supplies and other small things) up onto the shelf. So far it holds two very special paintings and a handcrafted angel from an old friend whom I miss greatly. It is also the new home of my paint supplies. I like them up there. All neat and within reach (of me, not the kids. I got help hanging this shelf high. lol). Sitting on the wall that will be adjacent to my new desk. Quietly reminding me of my love of creating and to not stay away so long this time.
Took me longer than things like this used to, and I suffered a few injuries during the process, but that’s what pain meds and patience is for right? 😉 lol It felt so good to be creative again. ❤
Shelf Project
Shelf project finished

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