A Dose of Positivity

Oops! I allowed myself to get so busy I forgot about the post positive challenge! I think I missed the technical day but figure better late than never. 😉  Please feel free to join me by listing your own 10 positive things.  It does a heart good to take a break and sit back long enough to remember the things that makes you smile. ^_^

10 positive things in my life right now

1) Doctors who understand my EDS
2) A brace specialist who will be making me a new knee/leg brace soon
3) Beautiful nature at my doorstep
4) Mountains within view on most of my drives
5) A group of other Autism moms and families that I can hang out with locally
6) Those colorful crates being sold at walmart right now (they’re making a fun shelf alternative 😉 )
7) I found the painting from Officer Rhodes and the Maize police officers!!!! 😀 😀 😀
8) Being able to hang some pictures and paintings up finally
9) Cuddles from my boys when they are having calm moments
10) The blessing of laughter throughout the day, even on the hard ones

and of course, none of this would be possible without the ultimate blessing, a loving God and Father in Heaven who cares about even the little things 🙂


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