Happy Birthday Joshua!

Yep!  My little man turned 6 today! ^_^

DSCF3742-editedSince he was still awake at midnight (as usual lol) I had a little mini birthday celebration with him involving the birthday song, cuddles, and gathering all the mail and packages that had come in (thanks to his aunt and two amazing mail for kids groups). Our neighbor Pilar happened to be here to so she joined in with us. 🙂 I even let him choose one present and one card to open instead of having to save them all for morning. He was pretty excited to say the least and was having a blast until it came time for him to face that “one” really means “one”. I took this picture right after this little conversation happened (after he already opened one present and card):

Joshua: Now I am going to open this package! 😀

Me: No Joshua. You can’t open a whole package of presents tonight. That has to wait until morning.

Joshua: When is morning going to get here?

Me: After you finally go to sleep and then wake back up.

Pilar: Sounds like a good reason to go to bed right now then huh? So morning can come quicker.

Joshua: *slumps over package and gives out exaggerated sigh*

lol ^_^


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