Christmas Blessings

DSCF1552_taggedHe did it again. Every year God does something way beyond anything I could ever hope for or expect to help me remember He still has me and my boys wrapped tightly in His arms. And every year, He brings me to tears when He does it. The blessings always have an intensely personal touch on them too which just blows me away and floods me with a peace and gratefulness that no words could explain.

Christmas blessings specifically have been happening ever since David was just a little guy, barely over 1 year old.  Gifts showing up for the boys, regardless of my financial means at the time or whether or not anyone else knew of my struggles.  Random strangers anonymously being used to fulfill secret needs and answer my hearts deepest prayers.  Friendships and company coming from the least expected sources just when I needed it most, and more.  So much more. ❤

This year has proven to be another chapter in this history of blessings that God is graciously choosing to build in my life.  I have been crippled all year from the injury I sustained back in December of 2013. I have been wheelchair bound since August when a doctor finally did surgery to repair the injury. God has blessed me left and right all year long, keeping me encouraged and helping me keep my head above the stormy waters that seem insistent on surrounding me. This Christmas season He has blessed me many times too through friends and family in ways I understandably counted as the yearly blessing/encouragement He has been providing me.  Then today happened.

DSCF1556-taggedAs most of you know, the boys are rowdy, energetic, and all over the place on an almost constant basis and as a result have been ripping their pants to shreds left and right and at a much quicker pace than I could ever possibly replace them. I have had many ask me how they could help my family and boys this year due to my injury making my needy state painfully obvious to anyone that looks our way. The thing I have requested most, outside of a present or two for the boys and help with putting up decorations, was for “pants without holes”. I even have been praying repeatedly for God to provide for my boys somehow in this area specifically.

I seriously needed help providing this for my boys and didn’t have the means to do so on my own with the rate the boys were destroying them (never on purpose by the way). I have had a couple people step up and help me which I was, and still am, beyond grateful for. Then today, while at my PT session, my therapist told me she had a surprise waiting for me before I left. She said it was from another client of hers and she wasn’t allowed to say who but was instructed to make sure I got the gift. The person behind it had seen me and my boys many times, and wanted to do something special for us. When I got home, the boys and I opened the gift to find two kids baking sets.

DSCF1565-tagged1) A gingerbread men kit which happen to be something the boys were begging for, but I couldn’t afford.
2) A sugar cookie set with a “Frozen” theme that I saw before and quietly wished I could provide for my boys.

Baking is one of my most favorite Christmas traditions and my health and mobilization issues have been a barrier this year to trying to keep it. These kits were a pretty cherished surprise for me. ^_^

That wasn’t all though. The boys then found a handful of gift card boxes in the bottom of the bag.

$50 gas card
6 coupons for free haircuts
$25 Wal-mart card
$200 Burlington Coat Factory card with a $5 bonus card specifically written out with the intended use to be for the boys’ clothing needs.

Yep. I started crying.

Thank-you Father. ❤ For everything.


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