Never Underestimate the Power of Friends

10408777_389345477882376_661839525497270546_nNever underestimate the power of a couple of good friends, a phone call, a letter, a few classic board games, and a good dose of laughter. ^_^

After getting home from PT tonight, I was feeling pretty crushed due to some really bad news I got after having a bad fall due to my knee giving out again. But a simple call from my best friend in VT, a simple note of encouragement in the mail, and a night in with my friend next door playing board games and laughing has really helped lift my spirits again.

No, my friends didn’t fix my problems or make all the struggles disappear. They didn’t have to. All I needed was a caring ear, an encouraging word or two, and a chance to help me forget my troubles for a while. They gave me that and so much more. ^_^

As I was telling one of them tonight, my motto is “if I can laugh at it, I can get through it” but I lost my ability to laugh after the crushing news received earlier at the PT’s. By the end of the night, they both helped me find my laughter again and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank-you both from the bottom of my heart. ❤ 🙂


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