Ok. I can see it now. lol

My problem shoulder. A friend made this video of me when I told her I couldn’t tell what was causing everyone to freak out so much. I can kind of see it now… lol Especially after she rolled her shoulder for me and then showed me this video of mine. Yep. Quite a difference there. lol Her husband’s response when first seeing it though (video form) is my favorite. Thanks Jason! You will have me laughing for days over that response! haha

See the video here:
Subluxed/Loose Jointed Shoulder


2 thoughts on “Ok. I can see it now. lol

    • I am slowly learning I have problematic joints all over. But I’ve lived with the way they behave for so long, I have trouble seeing where the “normal” ends and the problems start. I was at the doctor again just this afternoon and apparently my knee goes back too far as well. I have learned to just start laughing at these discoveries as best as I can and brace myself as the new doc and the PT try to start doing something about them all. I am very grateful I finally found a doctor who takes it all seriously and is trying to help.

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