Shoulder Trouble

Okay. I am guessing that when the guy at the orthotics bracing specialists reacts with looks of mixed horror and intrigue, and my Physical Therapist today reacted with a startled jump and immediate order for her student that was shadowing to come look quick. And then the student had a similar, but slightly more dramatic reaction, as the PT, there must be something not right about the movement of my right shoulder.

I can’t tell what it’s doing that’s causing everyone to react. I just know it hasn’t been quite right since I got injured trying to use the walker like my surgeon wanted so I’ve been staying in the wheelchair until PT started (which was today),

The most the PT could get out in between looks of intrigue and shock, and quick comments to her student to take note of the traits of an EDSer, were short phrases of “that’s too low!” (and that was said usually when I was just resting it) and “wow that’s way too hypermobile” and “can you see how far it’s moving?!?”

I need to find a way to brace the troublesome thing up without having to lose mobility as I kind of need it for my PT sessions and driving.  The problem is that both the orthotics guy and the PT want it stabilized too, but admitted they don’t know how to do it.  This EDS stuff never ceases to be an adventure. lol


2 thoughts on “Shoulder Trouble

  1. My son is having surgery Thursday for a subluxed fibial head, so the top of his fibia (at the knee) is dislocated. It has baffled everyone to the point of bringing others in to see this ‘once in a career’ situation! They say he needs to be off of it completely for six weeks (he’s a very athletic 17 year old) and would be on crutches. My suspicion has been that crutches could damage his wrists/elbows/shoulders and I think you are confirming that possibility. It sounds like you have the same issue in your shoulder that he has in his knee. It’s so frustrating to have something no one else has even seen before.

    • I definitely would suggest they don’t put him on crutches unless they’re willing to watch him VERY closely for problems. I am in a wheel chair while recovering from ankle surgery because using crutches and even a walker only kept causing injuries in my arms, shoulders, and hands.

      As for the docs and others behaving like they did and having so little knowledge/experience, I sadly know what that is like too. If you would like some help connecting to some groups or pages that can offer more information and support I would be glad to get you some links. : ) I have learned more from fellow EDSers than I have from all my doctors combined. Hoping that soon, doctors will get more training in EDS though. And that awareness in general will keep spreading. : )

      Also, please know that I will do my best to be a supportive and listening ear too if you need one. You can comment here, or e-mail me ( anytime you want. : )

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