“I’m failing at being you
But I’m winning at being me
I’m winning at being free
Ain’t no competition but me”

“And I found out that I’m not alone
And there’s plenty people like me
I said there’s plenty people like me
All outsiders like me
All unashamed and all unafraid
To live out what they supposed to be”

These are a sample of lyrics from the song “Outsiders” by Lecrae. While listening to this, I couldn’t help but think of David and me. We both have been outcasted in so many ways and by so many, but we are both committed to still being real and true to who we are no matter what. Is it hard? Definitely. Does it hurt? Yes it can. Is it lonely? Sometimes. But the alternative, forsaking who we are and trying to force ourselves into a pre-approved boxed idea of how we should be, just isn’t an option.

Stay true to who you are! Be proud of what makes you different, don’t be ashamed of it. Stand strong and know that you are not alone and that you don’t need to fall for the lie that one has to fit in to be worth something. ❤



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