For the Love of Books

10675618_370104226473168_2723818448320275227_nTried to push my limits so I could go to a local book sale today. I have been trapped in the house for way too long now due to recovering from the surgery and being unable to walk. For the most part I have been behaving myself so to speak and taking it easy, but I really wanted to make this sale today. Because my car still doesn’t have a lift on it, I couldn’t bring my wheelchair so I used a walker that was loaned to me to try and hop/balance and get around instead. BAD idea. I am bandaged and braced up now on both wrists and one shoulder. My right knee would be braced up too if Walmart sold braces that would fit it’s odd alignment (which is know noticeably worse >< ). I did find some good books though at least. lol

Worth the trouble-blogFound quite a treasure too while there as well so it was worth it. lol I had been looking for years to find a copy of Corrie Ten Boom’s book that I could afford. David and Joshua got two great books out of it too (on top of the bag of books from the sale section for school). David’s book is way to old for him, but is FILLED from cover to cover with pictures of real trains of all sorts and time periods. Yeah, he immediately started stimming on it and when he started shouting out names of Thomas’ friends, I knew we weren’t going to make it out of there peacefully without it. lol

I know this means I won’t be doing much for the next few days at the very least, but at least we all have something to help pass the time away with now. 😉


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