Bad Morning, Sweet Mercy

God just blessed me again with His sweet mercy. The new home health nurse came out this morning for an evaluation and saw that I had run out of ice and have been like this for over a day now (I am on a machine that pumps ice water throughout my splint to keep my surgery site cooled down but I don’t have the help needed to keep the ice supplied for it to work), and that due to my EDS the effects of my pain meds is unstable and unpredictable making it a gamble to take when I don’t have a worker here for my kids, and then of course all the other stuff like my need for transfer help, possible wound care, washing my hair, light housework and meals, etc. She made up a report requesting my insurance to approve 3 days a week of home help and once a week nurse aid and said it tends to take about a week to find out if we will get approved.  Then she broke one of my pills in half and brought me some food from the kitchen so I could take something for the pain that was causing me to fight back tears during the whole appointment (she broke it in half in hopes it would be enough to ease the pain without knocking me out cold in the process).

As if all this wasn’t enough of a blessing, she just showed back up after leaving for the day with her arms full of bags of ice.  Bless God for His loving and wonderful mercy and the beautiful people like this nurse that allow Him to use them to help others. I am still crying, but the tears are no longer from pain, fear, and being overwhelmed, but rather from the sweet and blessed realization of God stepping in and coming to my rescue yet again.

My morning started off pretty bad with a canceled sitter which led to me having to cancel my follow up appointment today which got me yelled at by the surgeon’s nurse. All this while I am fighting back the urge to cry out in intense pain because my ankle felt like it was being burned with a branding iron. I haven’t solved the situation with the follow up appointment yet and finding a new sitter, but God in His sweet mercy has at least provided a way to take the physical pain away from me, and I can’t thank Him enough for it. ❤


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