A Typical Day in Recovery


Today has been a hard day for me mostly because it has been hard to stay awake and alert.  The boys were up late last night as usual but they stayed up longer than usual if that makes any sense.  Where as I was starting to adjust to the inevitable  2 am sleep times, last night they held out with a passion until past 5 am.  Boy am I tired today too because of it. lol

Other than that though, today has been pretty typical of how things have been since my surgery.  I am somewhat starting to get used to being on bed rest, and needing help with transfers and wheelchairs to do even the simplest things, but I have to be honest that I can’t wait to be back to independence.  Or at the very least, off of bed rest. :/  Although, I have been allowed a slight variation from that already as considering I have two young boys to keep an eye on and one of them is a known runner (Autism based bolting), I was positioned on my couch by the door instead while using my wheelchair to keep my leg propped up.  The picture you see is one that my youngest, Joshua, took when I let him play with the camera while hanging out with his sitter/friend. 

I am hooked up to some sort of machine that looks like an ice chest/cooler (the doctor called it an IceMan) that pumps ice water through tubing that hooks up outside my splint and flows throughout it to help keep the surgery site cooled.  It also tends to make my leg go numb from the knee down. lol  When the device works, all the burning and pain in my leg and at the surgery site stop and I am able to find sweet relief.  Unfortunately though, it doesn’t always work.  It does what it should mechanically speaking, but for some reason it has no effect on my leg to the point that I can’t even feel the cold water flowing through.  To be honest, I am not sure if that’s yet another unfortunate reality of having EDS or if it’s due to something else, I just know I pray a lot while hooking it up for the current round to be a round that works.

I also have pain medicine that I can take, but it’s effects on me are completely unpredictable and that is an unfortunate reality that comes from having EDS.  It’s due to absorption issues and how well my body receives the medicine or if it will decide to reject it.  I have had nothing happen when taking two pills, and be knocked out when taking one, and vice versa.  I also have had everything from just my leg going numb to me getting loopy to me falling asleep and not being able to wake up for the next few hours.  And it hasn’t mattered what dose I took or what I ate with it so far.  Completely random to my frustration which means I can’t take it when I am the only one here for the boys because I have to plan for the worst reaction which is the one that knocks me out cold for a few hours.  Long story short, this means I have barely used any of the pain medicine even though there have been many days and a couple nights where it took every ounce of willpower in me, and a ton of praying, to keep from screaming out in sheer pain and crying.  To get through it, I just keep reminding myself it won’t be like this forever and then pray that God helps me stay strong while I am having to endure it.  So far He has been merciful and compassionate about giving me the strength and peace I need to do this and He has even been gracious enough to numb my leg for me against all odds on some of the most painful moments.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon to see if the EDS has interfered too much with the healing process or not.  If things look like they are coming along well enough, I will get to progress to the next step in this recovery journey and be placed in a solid cast and may even get to get off of bed rest.  Praying and hoping like crazy tomorrow goes well. 😉 lol  Once I get to that stage, whether it be tomorrow or if I have to wait a little longer, all I have to do is find a way to get a wheelchair lift on my car and I will be completely mobile again.  Definitely looking forward to that day. 🙂


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