New and Revived!

A BIG thank-you to all my readers and followers who have stayed with this blog through my silence.  This site started out as a sister blog to “An Autism Diary”, and is part of the DogForDavid family of sites (which you can now see featured along our side bar on your right 😉 ).

Please check out our different pages (and consider following them to make sure you don’t miss any updates from us), and give a quick read to the new description for this site called, “The Zebra Chronicles” found on the front page. 🙂  Also note, that we have the same address ( but a new name (Stripes and Puzzle Pieces).  For more info on DogForDavid as a whole, please check out our main site,, and while there, check out our FAQs page too for the answers to our most common questions received. 🙂

Thanks everyone!  And as always, please feel free to comment and offer feedback.  I appreciate hearing from my readers. 🙂


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