Thank-you : )

Yesterday, I finally broke down and shared how bad my health had gotten and asked for prayers.  Thank-you to all who did.  Today, my fever has finally broken and I am starting the climb back up to recovery. : )  The dizziness is already subsided and the migraines are gone too.  I am still tired to be honest, and a little weak, but nothing like I have been for the past week.  Thank-you everyone. : )  Hopefully I will have more of a post to write tomorrow.  I’ve been sleeping on and off today so I don’t have much to tell you all because of that. lol

I hope this finds you all doing well and having a good night (or morning). : )


4 thoughts on “Thank-you : )

    • I haven’t been trying to ignore you. I actually have been trying to get a letter written and the boys even have drawings they made for you ready to be sent. I don’t get a choice in my health situation among other issues. You should have a letter coming in the mail soon.

      I do thank you for the birthday card by the way. It meant a lot to me. The mini movie you made too.

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