Thankful for Him

This Father’s Day, through a friend’s post that came up through my newsfeed on facebook, I was reminded of a truth and reality so simple yet so profound at the same time. One that warmed my heart and made me feel a whole lot better on a day that usually forces me to battle against serious depression.

I may not have had a dad to grow up with or make memories with as a child (although I have him now and I am very grateful for that) and my own husband and the father of my children may have walked out on us and is no longer here for us either, but one thing no one can or will ever take away is my Heavenly Father. The One I can count on to never leave nor forsake me. The One I know loves me no matter what, and He always will.

Thank-You God for being such a good, loving, and faithful Father to me over the years. Thank-You for the promise that I can count on You to never stop as well. Thank-You for all You have done for me and all You have taught me. Most of all… thank-You for being You.

Happy Father’s Day to the best Father anyone could ever have. ((hugs))



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