Dinner out? ;)

The firefighters got a good laugh/chuckle out of me this evening.  When I burnt dinner.  Again. lol  Nothing on fire, but the smoke sure was pretty bad. haha

By the time they arrived (I was given help over the phone while waiting) a good chunk of the smoke got out of my house thankfully so we all just got to laugh over my cooking skills (or should we say lack there of? 😉 lol )  They did go over the apartment though and tested the smoke still coming from the oven to make sure we would be ok.  And gave me some tips on how to get rid of the smell that’s been left behind too. lol

After all was said and done, the boys and I decided to go OUT for dinner tonight.  Nothing is burnt over at Taco Shop. 😉 lol : )

At least our local firefighters have a good sense of humor.  And one of them even recognized us from when we had dropped in at the station to say hi after first moving here. 🙂

I think it’s past time to bring them some cookies, what do you think? 😉 haha 🙂



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