A Comforting Hymn

A friend of mine posted a quote on Facebook with the first line of the hymn “Jesus, There’s Just Something About That Name”. It immediately brought back a flood of memories as well as the song itself for me.

Over 5 years ago, this hymn got me through being wrongfully put in a mental ward in Germany when the army wanted to “get rid of me” (their own words) and caused my husband to mentally snap. I was pregnant with David (my oldest) at the time and was very physically ill. Desperate, scared, alone, and losing hope, I tricked my husband into giving the number to the ward to my friend Polly and when Polly called I asked her to tell my family what had happened to me. When my aunt found out, she gave me a call and taught me this hymn over the phone after trying to encourage me and sharing some scriptures. I sang this hymn, and the Jesus Loves Me song, over and over to my baby and myself until a senator found out about my situation and threatened the commanding officers to make them let me go and send me back home.

Jesus. There really is just something about His name. More importantly though, there’s just something about Him and the comfort, love, and peace he brings to His children even through the darkest of times…


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