Yay for guessing young! lol

a close up of my necklace.  I love it :)  Sorry though.  No pictures of the shirt available. lol

a close up of my necklace. I love it 🙂 Sorry though. No pictures of the shirt available. lol

I had to pick up some heavy duty super glue stuff to repair yet another toy for the boys and of course, now they have to card people for things like that because it started to become a problem amongst teens who were sniffing the stuff to get high.  Well, I haven’t been carded for at least 2 years now because I guess I was either really looking my age (28-30) or possibly looked older (yikes lol).  Tonight though, I got a compliment I enjoyed getting. lol  The lady looked at the glue, then me, then my kids.  Then she said, you’re at least 18 right?  LOL  Either she’s really bad at guessing ages or I was looking rather good today. 😉  I am going to lean towards the bad at guessing age though. lol  She even reacted in shock when I told her I was 31.

Of course it could also be due to my shirt and necklace. lol  I was wearing an old t-shirt that featured a hot pink background and glittery kittens playing on a colorful piano (got to love Lisa Frank 😉 ).  And on top of it, I wear my birthday necklace from Chelle every day and everywhere I go now which consists of a lot of pink (my FAVORITE color 😀 ) and my name.   So I guess with all this considered, and the fact she didn’t even try to hide the obvious nod to my shirt and necklace after I told her my age, maybe she guessed so low because she couldn’t imagine a grown woman wearing such a bright and colorful/playful outfit?

Either way, I am going to continue to smile (and laugh) at the memory of being thought of as so young today. 😉 lol : )


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