Renewed Inspiration

Today has been a pretty stressful and tiring day.  I wrote about it on my main blog here, so I am not going to repeat myself on all that.

Something I didn’t include over there though is that another form of help I recieved to help turn my evening around was stumbling upon some of my old writings and bible studies while browsing through old computer files.  Reading those brought back memories of what now seem like simpler days (even though I know they were hard for me at the time) as well as memories of the book I was once working on just a couple of years ago.  I got discouraged with it about the same time life picked up an extra hectic pace and the project got dropped just partially done.

What I am thinking is this… maybe it’s time I pick it back up again?  Or at the very least, maybe re-do some of those old book based bible studies (or possibly a new one) to help rejuvinate my spirit and faith and help strengthen my character again.  One thing is for sure: no matter what, I can’t ignore the peace and release I felt going through those old files.  Or the longing I have to return as close as possible to that level of inner strength and peace.


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