Best Birthday Ever!!! :)

Beyond3Yesterday (the 8th) was my 31st birthday and it was indeed the best one I have ever had. 🙂  Between friends both near and far helping to make it special and a day filled with sweet surprises and wonderful memory making moments, I have had a day I hope to never forget.  And one I can guarantee I at least won’t be forgetting any time soon.  And with my memory lately, that’s saying something. 😉 lol

My actual day today included getting a quiet morning to myself for a change (boys didn’t want to wake up), a surprise call from a friend all the way in England, painting time with my boys at a local ceramic shop, and free babysitting (thanks mom!) so I could enjoy a night out with a great friend. 😀

The movie my friend and I went to see was at the Warren near my house so we ate at the little diner they have in there before the show which gave us a chance to just hang out with each other. : )  Then, we got our popcorn (can’t leave that out of the movie experience 😉 lol) and went on in to see the show, Parental Guidance with Billy Crystal and Bette Midler.  No spoilers here I promise, but I do highly recommend you all go see that movie if you enjoy a good-hearted laugh that lasts throughout the movie.  It was great! lol : )

Shaving cream 8And earlier, at the ceramic shop, the kids and I had a good time painting and even learned a new technique.  Did you know you can do decorative painting with shaving cream?!?!?  I sure didn’t, but definitely do now.  And it was pretty fun to do too and even though the kids refused to touch the shaving cream (sensory issues) they were able to do most of the project. 🙂  We had originally gone in with the plan of making a family piece that worked in our handprints, but that took a quick turn when David suddenly decided he didn’t want anything on his hands. lol  Oh well.  Go with the flow right? : )  If you want to learn how to do it, check out my main blog over at An Autism Diary. 🙂

Beyond1Because of this we ended up putting back the family project and I let the boys pick out something on their own while I picked up a cute mermaid box to paint.   David ended up attaching strongly to a princess figurine and was willing to share it with Joshua so that is what they ended up making.   Although, watching these two paint makes me laugh and my inner artist tendencies cringe a bit. lol  They completely covered the princess in hot pink first.  Then they covered her in blue, and then they got out the yellow and started to cover her again!  Completely missing the notion that if they kept going, she was going to mainly look like brown sludge more than anything else once completely done and fired. lol  I couldn’t take it though after the yellow round started so I “strongly advised” them to stop and go rinse out their brushes.  (More like half begged and half bargained with them to stop at that point. lol)  I have to admit I am pretty curious to see how the princess turns out after all that. lol  One thing though that I am sure of is that I will love it.  It was hand painted with love by my two most precious treasures here on earth.  The memory and the love contained in that figurine makes it a guaranteed hit with me for sure. 🙂

David 3Then, as if all this wasn’t more than enough to make this day beyond special and wonderful, I got a surprise when I was told our bill total.  I had come to the shop with a gift card that I was given for Christmas and with our original plans (the family project along with the two shaving cream projects for the boys to make their own) our total had gone over what was on the card.  I figured though I would just cover it though because I don’t get chances to paint and craft with my boys like this very often so it was definitely worth it.  Then, when the plans suddenly changed on us (David was so overwhelmed with the idea of getting anything on his hands for the handprint project he was struggling to hold back meltdowns and was starting to cry and shake in fear a little so I of course dropped the whole idea and focused on calming him down) I asked the lady working there what our new total was now that we had switched out the pieces we were going to work on.  To my surprise, the total now was dead even with my gift card amount.

the Ariel I was working on.  Not finished with her yet though.

the Ariel I was working on. Not finished with her yet though.

What I didn’t know at the moment though was that the two ladies that were there during the first half of our stay (that Joshua seemed to have completely taken a liking too as he was constantly disappearing and showing back up at their table, hovering around them while they were rinsing brushes, or just simply trying to be a part of just about everything they were doing lol) had secretly paid the excess of our total with the cashier when checking out!  I was floored when I found this out and of course by that time they were already long gone.  Such a sweet and generous random act of kindness though.  And it truly blessed my heart. : )  I have their picture too because they agreed to let me get a picture of them with Joshua before they left because Joshua was just so fond of them both.  Now though, every time I look at that picture I not only see the sweet kindness and patience they showed my youngest son (making his complete day in the process 🙂 ), I also see the most thoughtful and kind random act of kindness and a wonderful birthday surprise. : )

All in all, today was truly a very special day and definitely the best birthday ever! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Best Birthday Ever!!! :)

  1. I’m glad you had a fun birthday! Lol at David not wanting to do the hand prints.I could totally see myself in the same situation with CJ

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