A Personal Achievment

Friday night I went to my local Celebrate Recovery group as usual. I started going about 7 months ago after being convinced by a new friend that I could find help and peace there to start my journey in healing from being abused so much in my life as well as from being abandoned by my husband a couple of years back.

6 month chipThis last Friday though was a little different.  I am celebrating my 6 month anniversary on my own personal healing journey this upcoming Tuesday (which also happens to be my birthday 😉  yay me 🙂 ) and I got to pick up my 6 month chip at the meeting because of it. : )  The chip in the pictures is it. 🙂  In case you can’t read that first one, it says Celebrate Recovery in the middle and around the edge it says, “My Grace Is Enough For You”.  An encouraging reminder that’s printed on every single chip. 🙂  I have come a long way from where I was when I first started going to those meetings.  And I have made some new friends that have come along side me also to help me grow and stay committed.  One of my closest ones is even going to celebrate my birthday with me on Tuesday. 😀  I can’t wait to get to see her and hang out with her.  Especially since my mom’s birthday present to me is free babysitting so I can just go out with my friend on my own. 😀 😀 😀  Yeah, that’s a great present over here. lol 😉 🙂

David's coloringWe also finally got our van’s oil and filter changed.  Angel (the name the boys helped give her) is much happier now. lol  Although that silly sensor/oil light is still constantly going off on me and since I’ve now completed repairs on everything that could possibly be wrong, the mechanic is concluding that my sensor (like so many before it) is broken.  Ugh!  I’ll be getting that one fixed sometime in the coming week.  I can’t stand the constant dinging. lol



A couple more pictures from Friday night 🙂

Celebrate Recovery

Me holding my chips up for a picture : )  My red and green ones are not showing in this though.

Me holding my chips up for a picture : ) My red and green ones are not showing in this though.


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