So much more…

Me with my youngest, Joshua

Me with my youngest, Joshua

Hi, my name is Cindi.  I am David’s mom whom you may or may not know from our main blog over at An Autism Diary: A day in the life of David Hartley.  My son has been severely affected by Autism and we have embarked on a journey to help get him a service dog as well as to spread a better understanding of Autism and, as a result, more compassion for those living with it.

My life isn’t all Autism though. Granted, Autism takes up a pretty big chunk most of the time, but it’s not all there is to be seen or heard.  Here I hope to share the other side of me.  Yes, Autism will inevitably be included I am sure, but it won’t be our main theme.  Here, I am not just “David’s mom” or the “DogForDavid” writer.  Here, I am Cindi.  About to turn 31, single mother of two (yes, I said two 🙂 ) little boys, with my own sets of challenges, dreams, inspirations, hobbies, and interests.  I love to laugh, sing, write, read, listen to music, and work on crafts.  I am slowly learning how to cook more things and burn less dinners and I enjoy baking up our favorite desserts with my sons (even if they start out in boxes or cans 😉 lol).

I am not a super mom by any means.  I have no super powers to help me get through the challenges, or super strength to help me get through the days.  I get tired and cranky.  I’ve been known to lose my temper and beg for breaks.  I get lonely on some days, and other days I wish I could just find some time for myself.  My house is not always in perfect condition no matter how hard I try and no, not everything is color coordinated with everything else.

I do have a whole lot of love though to share, and between my faith and my sons, I am blessed with many reminders and challenges to keep growing.  I also have a good sense of humor, which I use a lot to help me get through the rough patches here and there.   I enjoy a good hearty laugh just as much as I can enjoy a quiet night down by the river or listening to my favorite music on cds or the radio. : )

Through this blog, my goal is to let a little more of me shine through.   This is my place to go and just be myself.  No themes to stick to, no schedules to keep, no goals to make.  Here I get to be just another blogger with a desire to write and share.  Thank-you for joining me on this journey. : )


4 thoughts on “So much more…

  1. Good luck with this. I think there is something cathartic in getting away from autism issues now and then. We are as you say more than that.

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