Bubbles and a Visitor

BullseyeI was working on loading the pictures from my kids playtime with the bubbles David found when Joshua came over and surprised me with his toy bullseye from Toy Story 2.  He insisted on having me to talk to the horse, not him so when I tried to show him a picture of himself, something Joshua usually enjoys, I got quickly corrected that it was “not him”. lol  So I started a google search to find bullseye and low and behold I get an excited squeal out of the little e next to me as Bullseye takes up my entire field of vision for about the next full minute. lol

As I am trying to write this, my oldest is now over here with one of his Lego friends and a toy train.  I am NOT looking up a train right now.  Those searches never end with these two. lol  They always want more and then eventually start begging for more Thomas videos. lol

Anyway, even though I already posted today (please click here if you missed it), I thought I would share some of the bubbles pictures over here too so my readers here can see them too. : )  I also have some close-ups of Joshua’s ridiculously long hair. lol  I need to get that boy’s hair cut down already, but he won’t hold still for me and this is the one that pretty much “never” sleeps either.  Joshua has slept through the night 3 times in his entire life.  By the time he finally goes down, I am usually dropping right next to him. lol

Hope you enjoy the pictures. : )

Bubbles 3 -new blog

Bubbles 6 - new blog

Bubbles 8 - New blog

Bubbles 9 - New blog


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